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Mufti Muhammad Lutfi al Banjari

Syuro Indonesia, Banjarmasin
Deliberation Indonesia
Jami Kebon Jeruk Mosque

Alim Ulama always said that glory, happiness, and success of this man in faith and Takwa, not in material things. There was an error fahaman in human thought that has been challenged by Allah, the Exalted. What's mistake is that human fahaman challenged by Allah Ta'ala? there is a history of God's word mahfum: As for man, when the test by his Lord, be glory, position (a position as a minister, governor, president, etc.), then given pleasure, given health, wealth (houses, vehicles, housing, etc.), so he said "I Rabbku been glorified" (menjayakan I have, I had success).

Meanwhile, if he tested the form of office does not exist, rizki retracted by God, sometimes eating once a day, short again, there is no enjoyment of this world, then he said, "I Rabbku was humiliating." Then God said was by "Kalla: Not True "This is just an opinion is wrong if people say that it is:

1. God has honored and human sukseskan if they've got the position and material pleasures

2. God has hinakan and defeated man when poverty has come to her life.

Then God said this "Kalla: Not True"

Likewise, when people gather wealth and thinks that his wealth was going to perpetuate the life of him, which will give comfort to him in the world and akherat. So God says in verse qur'an (Surat Al Humazah) mahfum:

"Why does he always collects his money, and he kept counting his money was, he thought that the wealth that will immortalize him in this life."

Then God said this "Kalla: Not True"

So the property is not a means to happy people or perpetuate this happiness in this life, God says "Kalla: it's not true". So people who are happy? God explained in surah Al Baqarah verse 1-6. So this is the Holy Qur'an Allah revealed to the people of Prophet Muhammad is to guide their lives cautious. Then the righteous who will find happiness again? namely those who:

1. His heart was always faithful to the Ghaib
2. The body is always directed to execute all the commands of God
3. Who always used his wealth in accordance with the wishes of God.
4. Reason that science is always under the guidance of the U.S. Anbiya.
5. His vision is always to akherat

Firmankan God in the verse mahfum devoted person who is the heart of people is always bound up in the unseen, not on the visible. Then the person who always uses her whole body to carry out God's greatest commandment of Prayer. While Treasure God gave him to use in accordance with the wishes of God. While fikirannya or brain sense he always put his knowledge under the guidance of the Prophet.

So the true knowledge is knowledge that comes from God through the U.S. Anbiya. While science is coming than this man not science its name, but his name Funun, Art or Engineering. There is no agricultural science, but the actual art or agricultural techniques. Medical science, it does not really exist, that there is art or medical techniques. All that comes other than God is not a science, the name of science in understanding the Islamic religion is science brought by the U.S. Anbiya. Characteristic of more cautious in this paragraph are those whose views are always on the akherat. So the name Mustaqbal, or the future of the believers are when? rather than when I married?

I'll have kids how many? Insurance for children how much? This is not Mustaqbal, but Mustadba. While Al Mustadba in Arabic this is something we will leave behind. If this is Mustaqbal Future to come. The future of the faithful had arrived when death came. So the future we need to fikirkan is the first day I entered the tomb is the future. So the Prophet said mahfum that clever people are the people who count themselves continuously.

If in the eyes of his brain Jews and the Christians, those who are clever people like counting duitnya, assets, goods, so that the richer economies. But the prophet said that clever people are not like this, but people who always counted himself, tallying up her ugliness, lack of charity, his sin, Muhasabah. Then the clever people who think the Prophet is the man who prepares himself for the future of life after death.

So smart people who think religion is:

1. People who always Muhasabah on him
2. People who prepare themselves (with Faith and Charity) before death

Bagiamana preparations to maximize the potential that she had in life now, he used for the future, akherat. He's always working, trying, for the future life, ie life after death. This is a smart man by God and the Apostles. So he's working concentration is to prepare before I die or when entering the tomb.

Meanwhile, according to ignorant people that religion is the people whose lives have always followed their own lusts. Then oddly enough people like this again, was simply following his passion, even dreaming to enter paradise of God. He thought Heaven was only with passion and imagination just not with deeds. And God has been clear for a work of God must work, that is the hope and effort really. He said mahfum:

"Innaladzina'amanu walladzina hajaru wa jahadu fissabillillah ula'ikayarju mercy ..."

So people who say "Yarju mercy" really expect God's grace is who? not the one dreaming of life, not the people who sleep and lazy in life, no not that. So who? that they are indeed believers. Do with his faith? instead left place, silent, but was taken to migrate.

Hijrahnya not for mundane or to improve things, but hijrahnya to fight for Allah's religion. These are the people who are said to be "Ulaika Yarju mercy" of the people who really expect God's grace. So mahfum Prophet said: "I have never seen people who pursue this Heaven sleep and I've never seen people who escaped from this hell to bed".

Exemplified as:

Example I:

"Someone who was tired because he's teaching this morning, the day he mengojek, the night he was a security guard, so when you finish the task until he went to bed at home dikamar house suddenly there was a fire burning so that he shout fire, wide could not sleep. He lost a sense terkaget so ngantuknya, because there is a sense of panic fear affected by the sting of fire.

Whereas before she was in a state tired and not super-powered. But this is only the fire world, he may fear, panic, thus eliminating a sense of drowsiness. What if he knew the heat and torment of His suffering affected by the fires of hell. "

Example II:

"A newly married husband arrived in a state youth super tired from work, got home his wife greeted the state's toilet, food and coffee are available, then dipijitin. So the husband was seen anything like this passion that rose directly out of one sleepy and tired. This is just the enjoyment of the world how God's pleasure in paradise. "

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