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Bayan Nizamuddin: One Intention If Da'wah To Others Mengislah

God accept a practice if his heart so that God will take him taufiq. Work of this mission is an attempt to become a small person ( 'servant) not to be a great man. People who make propaganda with the intention of working for yourself mengishlahkan then he will become pious and the pious people will be asbab for others to become pious, too.

Da'wah is Fardhu 'ain. Benefits of the first missionary work was for yourself, then God will protect him from straying.

Maulana Ilyas used to say, there are 2 (two) people who neglected from this business:

1. Intentions to others mengishlah
2. Mengishlah want this job

Tarbiyah and mujahadah in this work will get guidance from Allah SWT. This work will produce guidance for the two parts:

1. For yourself
2. To be asbab guidance for others

Tufail had come to Mecca to cover the ears so that what the Prophet said he was not listening. When he was close to the Prophet and God wants to give guidance to make Tufail want to open the lid ears. Then he could hear the will read the prayer of the Prophet so that he converted to Islam. Tufail doing missionary results in one year 80 families converted to Islam.

The Word of God in the Quran: "And who are the best words than people who took (da'wah) to God and Charity Salih and said I was a part of the real Muslims."

Combined Charitable Da'wah and will increase Worship. If good service then we will become pious. The first time we will enter into us is the Faith.

Faith Without perfection of charity will not be obtained.

Faith Without charity keterkabulan not obtained.

The Prophet said to al-Hadi bin Hatim,: ye late convert to Islam because you see the state of Muslims who are poor, difficult, etc. so that you blocked from the guidance. The Apostle says that Islam will defeat Khusraw and Islam became victorious and finally Hadi bin Hatim saw victory and glory of Islam.

Liaison between Muslims and God is charity.

Faith in the majlis there Ghayb. Inside there qudrat faith. Qudrat nothing in the universe but qudrat in AllahSWT substance.

With this mission work we fix our Aqidah, that Ghayb only God has even Prophets were not. If a prophet to know the things unseen, as the Prophet Joseph would not enter into the well and sold into slavery. So even when the Apostle was invited to a walimah he was greeted by a little girl and little boy said: "We shared the Apostle who knows the unseen", the apostle said to him: "Do not say it like that, because the only thing that's unseen God ".

The Prophet said: "If you read the Koran carefully. God will members know what will happen until the Day of Resurrection.

There was a Companions in prison in the state of water junub and there is only enough for drinking. So he said to his prison guards, "please provide the water quota for tomorrow now, because for berhadast". But the guard does not deliver. So he prayed to God to rain down, then the Almighty God, then God was lowered in prison. So convinced of the Companions of Allah SWT.

Many people say, "itukan Companions, not us". Today we are like this because we are not sure and aqidah weak. If we have convinced the right to God then there is no veil between God and his servant.

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud ra an eye sore when his wife, then came a Jew, and given objects placed in his neck, then his eyes were healed. When her husband saw it so he asked his wife what it was? His wife said these things can heal. So he ordered to remove the object. Let me tell to you, your eyes hurt because Shaitan put a finger on you. And the Jews were healed because he blocked the fingers and Jewish Shaitan it was Shaitan. Suffice you ask God's recovery.

If we get the object and the object will give us the glory that is has distanced us from Allah SWT. If we get the things that give glory first step see if it is HALAL or HARAM.

Yusuf Maulana Say: "Nafikan things, so of you with God there is no hijab. .... And so on ... not to mention the parrot over.

Bayan Mr. Cecep

God bless you, glad to attend the evening Markaz in Bandung yesterday and also the night in Kebon Jeruk consultation. It is true that our reply was very encouraged to be present in every pekannya Markaz night or at the very least once in 1 month. With Markaz present at night, many of nashihat-InsyaAllah nashihat we get from people who have long engaged in proselytizing efforts.

Here we enter the paradise parrot Cecep pack at Markaz Antapani night, weekend and parrots as well as consultation on BonJer Markaz. I hope can take lesson ..

Umar maulana Nashihat to jama'ah proselytizing may issue as many, namely:
First, the old man brought 2 new people out 8-10 months 4 IPB
Second, the old man brought 2 new people for 8-10 out 4 months in country
Third, a collection of old people together country out 4 months away
Fourth, the women prepare for astral conjunction '(in Bangladesh, when astral conjunction' years ago there was a woman who was willing 100ribu fasting Monday-Saturday and 3 on the moon to deal with astral conjunction ')
Fifth, people long to spend time solemnly 2bulan Markaz nizhamuddin

men of knowledge is in danger if he was not doing a good deed
charitable people in danger if he had not IKHLASH
a maulana bayannya added in, people who IKHLASH also in danger, because he would be in that coveted Shaitan missing keikhlashannya

'a rich man to take foster children from poor families. So this kid well maintained. Were fed, given good clothes. After that he was schooled to be a graduate with a high degree. Then he was given a company to be managed. At one point, the father (the rich had) has arrived death. So he called his adopted son had. But when it was the boy's got an important job that can be lost if abandoned. So he did not meet the adoptive father calls. So the father said, "What kind of boy he was. Padahala he was the son of poor families. I lift it so my son, my sekolahkan, kunikahkan it, give me a big company .... "When he called all his kindness, then Allaah has pulled his life. Then drop it all the charity's ...

The Companions asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, how IKHLASH it ..? So he answered, 'I do not know. Let us ask Gabriel. 'So the Messenger of Allah said,' O that IKHLASH Bagaiamana Gabriel? 'Gabriel replied,' I do not know. Let us ask God directly. 'And God said,' it is a secret Ikhlash Me. "

Karkun-karkun in Indonesia many complain that they have a lot of problems that are not finished-finished. Finish one then the other comes. So Maulana Ahmad Lat said as has been said by a statement that whoever is repairing his relationship with God, then God will improve his relationship with the creature. But we do not reply memeperbaiki relationship to God, so do not expect all of our problems would be resolved by Allaah.

Maulana Sa'ad asked Mr. Cecep, "which was karkun-ditingkatan in Indonesia karkun ..?" So pack Cecep can not answer. So Maulana Sa'ad said that there are 4 levels of humans.
The first level, people who reject entirely the proselytizing efforts. This means that people have broken the Al qur'an and sunnah As for the arguments is smuanya proselytizing efforts in the Al qur'an and hadith.
The second level, people who love the proselytizing efforts. Support and agree with the proselytizing efforts. But when invited to go out on the street Allaah, then he said later was or was not ready.
The third level, people are happy with proselytizing efforts, joined together out on the street Allaah. But when confronted by a choice when coming takaza with takaza world religions, then he preceded her world takaza.
The fourth level, people are happy with the proselytizing efforts, joined together out on the road Allaah, and when faced with a choice between 2, takaza world or religion so he chose takaza first religion and sacrifice keduniaannya.

MasayaAllah, we are grateful for Indonesia given the opportunity to make astral conjunction 'world in July 2009 in Jakarta. Many countries are asking permission to conduct astral conjunction 'world, but is not permitted by the masyaikh. Projected expenditure for Indonesia jama'ah ie more or less out of 13,240 jama'ah. So it is our responsibility to be able to succeed all astral conjunction 'is. For that expected from 1 Halaqah can remove 1 jama'ah jama'ah 40hari and 4 months 1. Jama'ah motion may issue 4bulan jama'ah 1 and 4 months 40 days 3 jama'ah. And jama'ah be issued 40 days 1 jama'ah 4bulan and 40hari jama'ah 1.

Ustadz Abdurrahman

Ustadz Abdurrahman
Responsible Pondok Gede, Bekasi
Jami Kebon Jeruk Mosque
Markaz Indonesia

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wb.

Praise, Praise and Gratitude we prayed the presence of God Almighty, peace and greetings to our panjatkankan Prophet Muhammad and his noble family and great friends, also to the loyal followers until the end of time, it clear that we all were given the health and opportunity in this day to share his orders and worship to God.

Mudzakaroh Faith and Charity

We must believe in the supernatural, as we believe in the real. Like when we see and hold our own hands, this is something definite and concrete. Like when we saw the wall, land, cars, and others that are still visible to the eye and touched by our hands. We must believe in the unseen God's command, as we believe the benefits of things and what we see the benefits. All that we see today is a must, while the promise of God is more certain anymore. We can not see our gut, our heart, our brain, and how it functions, but we believe that it was all there and functioning properly. Similarly, the promise of God that we can not see should we believe its function and existence as we believe in the heart, intestines, and brain, although we do not see it. But on this day, sure we are still tethered only to the visible only, so we often leave the commandment of God is unseen in this result to get a look. And that seems good is not necessarily think we are good according to God. How many people buy a luxury car felt good but it turned out after tau-taunya purchased even bother as: perawatannyalah, pajaknyalah, bensinnyalah costs, and others. Likewise with buying luxury homes, but it turned out a handful, such as electricity is more expensive, more difficult bersihinnya, and all the cost increases. This asbab our great passion and logic we would have thought that all was well. So something that seems good is not necessarily think we are good according to God, but it is good according to God is certainly good for us. For that we must give priority to the first or the unseen God's command over our passions or desires of the visible. If this can be done, this new name people who believe and believe in the supernatural. Dare deny the visible and the unseen only confirmed that the new name of Faith.

Do not we get hurt like the devil Laknatullah Allaih, because unfortunately the devil is not because the devil does not believe in God but because the devil is proud. Satan himself perfectly convinced, and even admitted that the God who created it, "... You created me from fire ..." is the word of Satan. The words "You created me from this fire" is a sentence recognition of Satan that God is Khaliq and he just mahluq creation. So the Devil himself the perfect confidence of its recognition as a creation of God. Even when the devil speaks directly to God is so perfect certainty as perfectly convinced us when we see things around us right now and can feel it. Devil His faith was perfection, so that could be justified according logikapun that Satan refused to prostrate to Adam and the U.S. as a symbol of devotion that the prostration is only for God. But here the mistake of Satan is that he only saw the command of God alone, not seeing who is ordered. So that the devil is seen by the U.S. and cons Pros Adam himself, prestige and status. Here Satan melogikakan reasonable command of God according to him, not because of who ordered, this is the name of vanity. So now, believe it but do not want to run a command of God, this is not enough and not true. Sure and obey all the commandments of God even though it can not be accepted by our mind, it's only right name. Sure but do not want to obey it as the drivers who believe in his ability to bring the car on the highway but did not want to join the traffic rules so that one day he'll get in trouble even get hurt. Our mistakes today melogikakan like God's command and did not see who had ordered, namely, God as that issued the order. So it causes us to reject the commandments of God as the devil. Reject the commandment of God by logic, that is good we think it is not from Allah, this is the name of vanity. So proud of this nature is one of the most hated character of God. What we have to watch is what God commands to us and our Practice in any condition. Why should we not enter Practice diakal when? because it is God who commands. Do not we box God commands apart like the Devil, according to us, but we see who is ordered. Essentially all truth and goodness of God only know. We do not know anything, just sok tau alone. As if this will find themselves more than God know it's only vanity name.

In the Qur'an Allah says that mahfum AS Ibrahim was one community, whereas in the grammar that it is a plural people or more. While U.S. Ibrahim why only one person say one people by Allah, the Exalted. This is because the U.S. Abraham took the task and mandate from God. As there is a history told by the Prophet Muhammad that Muadz bin Jabar RA are one people, is due to the seriousness and firmness Muadz RA assignment given by God and the Apostles to him. Determination and seriousness someone in practice this commandment to be the difference of each person in the practice of religion. This is why one person may be or represent the same people in the sincerity and determination in doing a good deed. While we are Choiru Ummah, the best people, because we assumed Amanah Allah and His prophets is to continue the task of prophethood. What is prophetic task? the Da'wah. What is Da'wah? Inviting the People of God. Everything that comes from God, whose name is kindness and good will. While this is unjust is anything that comes apart from God and contrary to what Allah has commanded. Once the name of the Prophet must be installed first, but we are elected directly by God through the intermediary of the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an. In the Qur'an Allah has commanded the Prophet to explain the Way of His life and to tell who's followers. "Qul Hadzihi Sabilli Ad'U illallah Bashirotin ana la wamanittaba'ani ...": Say O Muhammad: This is my way, I and the people who follow me take you to God with real Hujjah .... "(12:108) . Who is that followers of the Prophet who invites people obedient to God. The task of the Prophet is the Da'wah to Allah and so were his followers.

So we need to instill that we preach is because the commandments of God and because of our responsibility as the people of the Prophet Muhammad. Right is unlawful without a science mission, but the mission is to deliver capital, although only one verse. Never when we call people who talk things we do not know the science, but to say what we know of science. What kind of science? ie what is taught and delivered to our scholars. This is what we convey to others. While we are out of this is to learn to communicate and in order to improve themselves. Do we go out or preaching with the intent to improve other people, because if it happens later when someone else terperbaiki, kitanya even threatened to be like the hypocrites. Why should we be like the hypocrites, because if we do not Practice what we say is only just dimulut like hypocrites. Then if someone else does not terperbaiki we will be disappointed. So when the mission is intended for self-improvement mean what we say to ourselves, we nasehati ourselves on repeat, we kesankan to go to the liver and can remove it by istiqomah. Do we get upset if people do not tertaskil by our mission, because the guidance was in the hands of God rather than our hands. Even though the prophet can not give guidance to the person she loves. So we get out of this goal for ourselves not for others, namely that we can think, and worry can prophet. Do we run away from problems and difficulties, because we are in mujahaddah difficulties or problems can be a means tarbiyah, lessons, for us to be able to form a friendly nature and in us so that we can get the experience of faith. What is the experience of faith experience where we can feel the greatness of God and the help of God over us in the face of problems.

We came out the way of Allah is not because of a leave of absence, or may permit family, or work already completed, that because it means we are attributing partners to Allah. Get out because of the ease of the creature, if rejected by the creatures we do not want to go out in the way of Allah, this is shirk his name, afraid to leave because the creatures. Who is that creature? but God is the creature. So let us not be afraid to except God. If we do not fear God then God will make our lives afraid of everything like fear of poverty, fear dimarahin, dimusuhin afraid, afraid of being fired, fear of the same wife, and others. Important our intention again to straighten out what we get out of the way of Allah. Because of this Charity depends on what the mean. At the time there was a young friend bravely fought and died on the battlefield, but what the prophet said that the inhabitants of Hell boy. This is because the young man at war not because of God but because he wants to lift the name of his people. Likewise, when the Prophet migrated to the medina is a young man joined the Prophet migrated but pity the boy hijrahnya. This caused him to migrate because the woman who loved not because of God. So when he got what he wanted, God did not give him a reward for religious pilgrimage.

Mufti Muhammad Lutfi al Banjari

Syuro Indonesia, Banjarmasin
Deliberation Indonesia
Jami Kebon Jeruk Mosque

Alim Ulama always said that glory, happiness, and success of this man in faith and Takwa, not in material things. There was an error fahaman in human thought that has been challenged by Allah, the Exalted. What's mistake is that human fahaman challenged by Allah Ta'ala? there is a history of God's word mahfum: As for man, when the test by his Lord, be glory, position (a position as a minister, governor, president, etc.), then given pleasure, given health, wealth (houses, vehicles, housing, etc.), so he said "I Rabbku been glorified" (menjayakan I have, I had success).

Meanwhile, if he tested the form of office does not exist, rizki retracted by God, sometimes eating once a day, short again, there is no enjoyment of this world, then he said, "I Rabbku was humiliating." Then God said was by "Kalla: Not True "This is just an opinion is wrong if people say that it is:

1. God has honored and human sukseskan if they've got the position and material pleasures

2. God has hinakan and defeated man when poverty has come to her life.

Then God said this "Kalla: Not True"

Likewise, when people gather wealth and thinks that his wealth was going to perpetuate the life of him, which will give comfort to him in the world and akherat. So God says in verse qur'an (Surat Al Humazah) mahfum:

"Why does he always collects his money, and he kept counting his money was, he thought that the wealth that will immortalize him in this life."

Then God said this "Kalla: Not True"

So the property is not a means to happy people or perpetuate this happiness in this life, God says "Kalla: it's not true". So people who are happy? God explained in surah Al Baqarah verse 1-6. So this is the Holy Qur'an Allah revealed to the people of Prophet Muhammad is to guide their lives cautious. Then the righteous who will find happiness again? namely those who:

1. His heart was always faithful to the Ghaib
2. The body is always directed to execute all the commands of God
3. Who always used his wealth in accordance with the wishes of God.
4. Reason that science is always under the guidance of the U.S. Anbiya.
5. His vision is always to akherat

Firmankan God in the verse mahfum devoted person who is the heart of people is always bound up in the unseen, not on the visible. Then the person who always uses her whole body to carry out God's greatest commandment of Prayer. While Treasure God gave him to use in accordance with the wishes of God. While fikirannya or brain sense he always put his knowledge under the guidance of the Prophet.

So the true knowledge is knowledge that comes from God through the U.S. Anbiya. While science is coming than this man not science its name, but his name Funun, Art or Engineering. There is no agricultural science, but the actual art or agricultural techniques. Medical science, it does not really exist, that there is art or medical techniques. All that comes other than God is not a science, the name of science in understanding the Islamic religion is science brought by the U.S. Anbiya. Characteristic of more cautious in this paragraph are those whose views are always on the akherat. So the name Mustaqbal, or the future of the believers are when? rather than when I married?

I'll have kids how many? Insurance for children how much? This is not Mustaqbal, but Mustadba. While Al Mustadba in Arabic this is something we will leave behind. If this is Mustaqbal Future to come. The future of the faithful had arrived when death came. So the future we need to fikirkan is the first day I entered the tomb is the future. So the Prophet said mahfum that clever people are the people who count themselves continuously.

If in the eyes of his brain Jews and the Christians, those who are clever people like counting duitnya, assets, goods, so that the richer economies. But the prophet said that clever people are not like this, but people who always counted himself, tallying up her ugliness, lack of charity, his sin, Muhasabah. Then the clever people who think the Prophet is the man who prepares himself for the future of life after death.

So smart people who think religion is:

1. People who always Muhasabah on him
2. People who prepare themselves (with Faith and Charity) before death

Bagiamana preparations to maximize the potential that she had in life now, he used for the future, akherat. He's always working, trying, for the future life, ie life after death. This is a smart man by God and the Apostles. So he's working concentration is to prepare before I die or when entering the tomb.

Meanwhile, according to ignorant people that religion is the people whose lives have always followed their own lusts. Then oddly enough people like this again, was simply following his passion, even dreaming to enter paradise of God. He thought Heaven was only with passion and imagination just not with deeds. And God has been clear for a work of God must work, that is the hope and effort really. He said mahfum:

"Innaladzina'amanu walladzina hajaru wa jahadu fissabillillah ula'ikayarju mercy ..."

So people who say "Yarju mercy" really expect God's grace is who? not the one dreaming of life, not the people who sleep and lazy in life, no not that. So who? that they are indeed believers. Do with his faith? instead left place, silent, but was taken to migrate.

Hijrahnya not for mundane or to improve things, but hijrahnya to fight for Allah's religion. These are the people who are said to be "Ulaika Yarju mercy" of the people who really expect God's grace. So mahfum Prophet said: "I have never seen people who pursue this Heaven sleep and I've never seen people who escaped from this hell to bed".

Exemplified as:

Example I:

"Someone who was tired because he's teaching this morning, the day he mengojek, the night he was a security guard, so when you finish the task until he went to bed at home dikamar house suddenly there was a fire burning so that he shout fire, wide could not sleep. He lost a sense terkaget so ngantuknya, because there is a sense of panic fear affected by the sting of fire.

Whereas before she was in a state tired and not super-powered. But this is only the fire world, he may fear, panic, thus eliminating a sense of drowsiness. What if he knew the heat and torment of His suffering affected by the fires of hell. "

Example II:

"A newly married husband arrived in a state youth super tired from work, got home his wife greeted the state's toilet, food and coffee are available, then dipijitin. So the husband was seen anything like this passion that rose directly out of one sleepy and tired. This is just the enjoyment of the world how God's pleasure in paradise. "

Bayan Bay Wahhab in Kebon Jeruk Mosque

Assalammu'alaykum wr. wb.

Here are some of the messages conveyed by the Bay Wahab, Amir Da'wah sermons in Pakistan, people who have been long in the Prophet Muhammad's proselytizing efforts:

1. We are sent by God into this world with a very short life, but with a very short life that we are commanded to obtain and maintain the netherworld forever.

2. We should not feel like a person Indonesia, or Jakarta, or pakistan, or other, but we let ourselves feel it is the people of the Messenger Muhammad.

3. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet sent to all mankind the whole of nature until the Day of Resurrection, previous prophets sent only for his people or his country alone. the prophet said that there isa man as Kufr in Allah, but Prophet Isa said I was not sent to the person I was sent only to the children of Israel.

4. Now the Prophet Muhammad had died, and there will be no prophet after Prophet Muhammad, but the message of the religion brought by Prophet Muhammad still have until the whole of nature until the Day of Resurrection.

5. So we as the people of the Prophet Muhammad has an obligation to continue this task, the task of religious proselytizing to convey the whole of nature.

6. Both are young, the elderly, the sick, the well, the rich, the poor, the officials and people, male or female, who lay or dumb or smart as the people of the Prophet Muhammad have this obligation.

7. So now we are the first time PLEASE GOD (BERISTIGHFAR) to God, because we have forgotten and neglected this task.

8. There are people who think the farmer is his job, taxi driver job, traders are work, business is work, work when people of the Prophet Muhammad really was proselytizing work.

9. So we PLEASE GOD (BERISTIGHFAR) to Allah SWT for da'wah work does not consider is our job.

10. We should feel sorry for the Americans, Europeans, etc. who do not believe in God Almighty and
His Messenger, because if they die they will go into the grave with the 99 snakes till doomsday mematukinya then be eternally tortured in hell forever.

11. Let our proselytizing efforts we intend, as the Prophet Muhammad is intended for the whole of nature, and take this business with love and wisdom.

12. If we intend as the Prophet Muhammad is our prayer, we talk proselytizing, worship we will be rewarded throughout nature.

13. Establish the prayer will be rewarded, but invites others to establish the prayer will get great reward from Allah SWT.

14. If we make the same job with the work of Allah the Almighty God will give help to us as Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad's help our prayers will be granted by Allah SWT.

15. If there are people who oppose us in the proselytizing efforts verily he is not against us but against proselytizing workers and by God will be given 2 decision whether he will be given guidance or destroyed by God.

16. So we are not afraid of anyone, we should only fear Allah and hope only to Allah SWT.

17. So we should tell kalimah La ilaha illallaah to all human beings are natural throughout.

18. If we multiply La ilaha kalimah talk illallaah and discuss the greatness of God, for Halaqah-Halaqah to increase faith, talking about the hereafter, heaven and hell as much detail, details, study groups about the primacy multiply ber'amal, multiply dhikr and prayer, then the new pray we will have a spirit.

19. Let us both in ourselves intend to make the same job with the work of the Prophet Muhammad conveyed kalimah proselytizing work to the people of faith throughout nature, convey message of Prophet Muhammad till the Day of Resurrection by Allah that will help us, God Almighty will accomplish our problems.