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Bayan Nizamuddin: One Intention If Da'wah To Others Mengislah

God accept a practice if his heart so that God will take him taufiq. Work of this mission is an attempt to become a small person ( 'servant) not to be a great man. People who make propaganda with the intention of working for yourself mengishlahkan then he will become pious and the pious people will be asbab for others to become pious, too.

Da'wah is Fardhu 'ain. Benefits of the first missionary work was for yourself, then God will protect him from straying.

Maulana Ilyas used to say, there are 2 (two) people who neglected from this business:

1. Intentions to others mengishlah
2. Mengishlah want this job

Tarbiyah and mujahadah in this work will get guidance from Allah SWT. This work will produce guidance for the two parts:

1. For yourself
2. To be asbab guidance for others

Tufail had come to Mecca to cover the ears so that what the Prophet said he was not listening. When he was close to the Prophet and God wants to give guidance to make Tufail want to open the lid ears. Then he could hear the will read the prayer of the Prophet so that he converted to Islam. Tufail doing missionary results in one year 80 families converted to Islam.

The Word of God in the Quran: "And who are the best words than people who took (da'wah) to God and Charity Salih and said I was a part of the real Muslims."

Combined Charitable Da'wah and will increase Worship. If good service then we will become pious. The first time we will enter into us is the Faith.

Faith Without perfection of charity will not be obtained.

Faith Without charity keterkabulan not obtained.

The Prophet said to al-Hadi bin Hatim,: ye late convert to Islam because you see the state of Muslims who are poor, difficult, etc. so that you blocked from the guidance. The Apostle says that Islam will defeat Khusraw and Islam became victorious and finally Hadi bin Hatim saw victory and glory of Islam.

Liaison between Muslims and God is charity.

Faith in the majlis there Ghayb. Inside there qudrat faith. Qudrat nothing in the universe but qudrat in AllahSWT substance.

With this mission work we fix our Aqidah, that Ghayb only God has even Prophets were not. If a prophet to know the things unseen, as the Prophet Joseph would not enter into the well and sold into slavery. So even when the Apostle was invited to a walimah he was greeted by a little girl and little boy said: "We shared the Apostle who knows the unseen", the apostle said to him: "Do not say it like that, because the only thing that's unseen God ".

The Prophet said: "If you read the Koran carefully. God will members know what will happen until the Day of Resurrection.

There was a Companions in prison in the state of water junub and there is only enough for drinking. So he said to his prison guards, "please provide the water quota for tomorrow now, because for berhadast". But the guard does not deliver. So he prayed to God to rain down, then the Almighty God, then God was lowered in prison. So convinced of the Companions of Allah SWT.

Many people say, "itukan Companions, not us". Today we are like this because we are not sure and aqidah weak. If we have convinced the right to God then there is no veil between God and his servant.

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud ra an eye sore when his wife, then came a Jew, and given objects placed in his neck, then his eyes were healed. When her husband saw it so he asked his wife what it was? His wife said these things can heal. So he ordered to remove the object. Let me tell to you, your eyes hurt because Shaitan put a finger on you. And the Jews were healed because he blocked the fingers and Jewish Shaitan it was Shaitan. Suffice you ask God's recovery.

If we get the object and the object will give us the glory that is has distanced us from Allah SWT. If we get the things that give glory first step see if it is HALAL or HARAM.

Yusuf Maulana Say: "Nafikan things, so of you with God there is no hijab. .... And so on ... not to mention the parrot over.

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